[Openstreetmap] applet 'usability' suggestions

SteveC steve at fractalus.com
Wed Jun 8 17:59:01 BST 2005

* @ 06/06/05 12:22:19 PM tom at tom-carden.co.uk wrote:
> Show-stopping bugs are probably still best here though (or bugzilla, if 
> it's working, Steve?).

Should be.

> >- Both the applet the website want me to re-authenticate about every
> > 10 minutes. This is frustrating.
> Agreed.  In the meantime you'll have to work faster ;)

It's a bug. No idea what is going on, it should re-auth for 10 minutes
whenever you do an edit. Can up that to an hour or something.

> >I appreciate that i may have to log
> > into both separately.
> I'm not sure that's the case.  I'd be surprised if there wasn't a way to 
> get the applet to use the same log-in credentials as the browser.

Another bug. The applet jsp should just pass the login token to the

> Is there any reason why centring on the average point would be a bad idea? 

If you have a circle of points, there arn't any in the middle.

> (Once we work out a neater way to handle scale, I'm sure we could generate 
> a bounding box and fit that inside the projection, but that's hardly 

/me nods

> To be honest, given that we have logins, I'd like each person to have a 
> homepage which links to their contributions - GPX, and traced annotations, 
> and discussions.  There's no reason why this shouldn't be optional 
> (hardcore wiki-style) but I think an easy way into what I was working on 
> recently is essential.

Not a bad idea. del.icio.us style...

> >- the 'delete segment' button actually seemed to create a segment, at
> > least it didn't delete anything. i found i could delete nodes and
> > that would delete all the segments attached to them. They don't
> > show up in the editor or in the data that i get from the XMLRPC edge.
> > but i still see them on the 'view map' at OSM?
> >
> I was confused by this too.

Its a bug. I hadn't written the delete segment SQL...

> pretty high on the agenda.  Not sure if there's a firm date for the next 
> coding day yet, 

Something I should organise.

have fun,

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