[Openstreetmap] Open Map of Paris

A Map Larger than the Territory mapper at wanadoo.fr
Fri Jun 17 13:31:32 BST 2005

Hi Everyone,

I've been lurking on this list, having arrived via Jo. I would be interested
in working with others on a made-by-users street map of Paris. Is anyone on
the list in Paris?

Saul's message suggested it might be possible for non-programmers to get
involved. Can you suggest a way of "getting started" ?

To begin with, is GPS the only way to make traces? We here have tried a
hand-drawn approach where users enter paths, but as you can see
www.mapterritory.com the paths are very idiosyncratic. It would be difficult
to depend on individual memories to come up with a street-level version. I'd
very much like to find a pencil-and-paper approach.


Karen O'Rourke

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