[Openstreetmap] Open Map of Paris (Points)

Frank Mohr f_mohr at yahoo.de
Sat Jun 18 11:07:00 BST 2005

Karen O'Rourke wrote:
> What does the GPS unit need to be able to do? I gather there are problems of
> reception, storage and compatibility. Do you have any concrete suggestions
> on which models might be better for this kind of project? We need some kind
> of receiver which can be connected to a PC. There is no need to buy any kind
> of map data if we're generating our own, or is there?
> I've been looking into GPS & have found some lists of waypoints online
> (http://www.swopnet.com/waypoints/gps/france5.html). Can these be
> used/useful to the project?

Another list of points in France is on

Those are a few ;-) more (97593)



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