[Openstreetmap] Wikimania, August 4-8

Lars Aronsson lars at aronsson.se
Sat Jun 25 15:43:48 BST 2005

Wikimania is a conference on everything Wikipedia/MediaWiki, held 
on August 4-8 in Frankfurt-am-Main in southern Germany.  Is 
anybody on this list going there (more than me)?

Read more about the conference at http://wikimania.wikimedia.org/

Since Wikipedia was started in 2001, various ideas and subprojects 
in the direction of map creation, display, and data collection 
have been discussed.  Traces of such discussions can be found 
mostly on meta.wikipedia.org under names like "wikimaps" and 
"wikiatlas".  The starting points have been a) that Wikipedia 
needs maps to illustrate encyclopedia articles, and b) since 
Wikipedia has shown that a free encyclopedia can be created, then 
maybe free maps can also be created just as easily. As far as I 
know, none of these subprojects have been really successful.

Geography and mapping are not among the main tracks of the 
conference, but there are one paper and two workshops that relate 
to this:

 Paper: Russell Buckley,
 Extending Wikipedia into the Physical World,

 Workshop: Arnulf Christl,
 Summarizing Activities around Open Geospatial Data projects,

 Workshop: Tobias Dahinden,
 Kartengestaltung in Wikipedia - eine Aufforderung für
 bildschirmgerechte Kartengraphik,

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