[Openstreetmap] ecocourier data: great + simplicity

Matt Amos matt at matt-amos.uklinux.net
Wed Jun 29 19:44:23 BST 2005

On Wednesday 29 June 2005 19:14, Hugh Barnard wrote:
> 1. I'm probably happy to put in a little cash for a recon server
> 2. Most reliable way would be within his office, no WAN stuff

i agree.

> 3. Would suggest write the data to dated gpx archives (step 1)

even simpler: do a bzipped dump of the whole database (if possible 
using MS, otherwise a simple perl script) and convert to GPX offline.

this just means that the amount of processing is minimal, so its 
fast(ish) and very little can go wrong.

> 4. Pick up the archives on CD each week or something (step 2, needs
> volume calculations)

its difficult to know how much data there will be, but they'd probably 
be more comfortable with mailing us CD/DVD/tapes than letting us 
access their LAN remotely.

> The remote data dumping (which is IMO more fiddly) could be done
> later. I'm rather 'away' from this currently but Saul (for example)
> can tell me if I can do anything useful when
> we meet anyway.

depending on the amount of data we could be pushing up their bandwidth 
costs... if they don't mind then i'd suggest dumping the data on an 
"incoming" FTP directory on bat. making the upload to OSM directly 
might be more problematic.


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