[OSM-talk] baby steps - nebie needs hand-holding - phase 2!

RolyMo rolymo at gmail.com
Sun Apr 2 11:32:40 BST 2006

Dear All,

Having read as much as possible on the wiki, various websites and
replies to my earlier email (thanks very much), I am starting to
formulate how I, as a OSM/GPS beginner, might try to help out with the
OSM project.

Again, I'd appreciate any thoughts.

1 Buy GPS device.  I am looking at the Garmin GPS60 following Nick
Black's review in the wiki and further reading.  Is there a compelling
reason to buy more adanced versions in the range if all I want the
device for is OSM-related?

2 Identify places to track.  Actually, I already started on this.  I
have 3 regions where I think I can add some help and have added them
to my user page in the wiki.  (I also added some minor details re
motorways in Northern Ireland on the UK community page - did I do it
If there are people involved in mapping The Hague, Cornwall or
Northern Ireland, it would be great to hear if there already exists
some plan to cover the regions - or I'm happy just to "go at it". 
(Alex:amvv?  Anybody?)

3 Convert outings to the OSM map.  This bit is still sketchy in my
mind.  The GPS60 has USB output and, in principal, should allow me to
get data off it quite easily, right?  (Says hopefully!)  At which
point, should I edit the data before uploading (JOSM?) or use the
online editor?  Maybe download existing OSM data for a given region
before merging with my tracks then use JOSM before uploading?  What is
the easiest thing to get into - and what would be the reasons for
using the other tools?

4 Donate!  The only donation mechanism I've seen is the PayPal link on
the OpenGeoData site.  Should I regard that site to be a "parent" (for
want of a better word) to OSM and the postcode project?  Following
discussions in the talk list, is there now another preferred mechanism
to contribute funds?

Once again, thanks for any help.


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