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* @ 31/03/06 04:06:23 AM lars at aronsson.se wrote:
> SteveC wrote:
> > > Alfred Nobel, Bill Gates, and Jimbo Wales have all gone this way.
> > 
> > Um... The last one is slightly more complex, I thought they had members
> > voted on by the community - that's what I was aiming for.
> No, even Lukashenko's Belarus has a better voting procedure than 
> Wikipedia.  There is no registered membership in Wikipedia, no 
> checks that the voters are real people.  You can be voted down by 
> a dozen sock puppets. And nobody is going to vote Jimbo out of his 
> chairmanship. Jimbo's choice of the foundation model was very 
> controversial among the German Wikipedia community, and the German 
> Wikimedia chapter was thus organized as a membership association 
> (eingetragene Verein) instead.
> As for the comment (by someone else) that everything is fine now, 
> I disagree.  Without having met you, Steve, I estimate that your 
> genius is 80% technical innovator and 20% organizer.  For the best 
> of OSM, others should take care of the administration and you 
> should be allowed to keep your mind on the technical, visionary, 
> and innovative parts.

That's not true, unless you consider organisation of the IoW trip a
total disaster or something.

Having read the thread it seems a simple slow start is appropriate.

I propose an IRC meeting in #osm on irc.oftc.net on Thursday at 7pm BST
if most of us can make that? Purpose is to at least
  * decide on roles, at least a finance role
  * decide on what the mandate(s) of the role(s) are
  * decide on the voting procedure for that role(s) presuming anyone
    wants to actually do them
If someone can volunteer to summarise / log the thing and post to the

My POV is that there are two immediate things that'd be useful now we
have servers and (hopefully) hosting. Someone to sysadmin the machines
and someone to do finance so people can be comfortable donating
(although the amount of money that's passed my hands over the IoW makes
me think that some of you must trust me :-).

As far as costs breakdown: The google ads have pulled in something like
1-2$ / day which pays for domain registration and other small bits. The
ads will probably get pulled as the university has a non-commercial
hosting policy. The immediate need for (money for) computers has passed
with a bit of luck.  I can't really afford to speak at all the
conferences I'm invited to long term even if I walk there and sleep in
public parks but it doesn't add up to super amounts. I'd expect to have
to break these things down publicly.

have fun,

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