[OSM-talk] OSM web forums?

Joerg Ostertag openstreetmap at ostertag.name
Tue Apr 4 13:35:57 BST 2006

> > If the result of this discussion is to retain the email system, I respect
> > that.
> I don't think we'd lose the mailing lists, it's a question of whether
> forums would be a help on top of that.

First of all; thanks for your offer.

Speaking for myself personally , I realized that I won't use a forum for long. 
For me it's too much effort to look at all the interesting forums every day. 
This way I would have to have 20 or more Browser windows open and reload them 
every time to time.
A mailing list on the other side comes to my inbox without having to do 

So I personally prefer the mailing list.




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