[OSM-talk] web site map enhancement, los angeles

Tom Carden tom at tom-carden.co.uk
Wed Apr 5 12:28:47 BST 2006

Hi Blars,

On 4/4/06, Blars Blarson <blarson at blars.org> wrote:
> Things I'd like to see on the map on the web front page:
> (in decreasing importance)
> Show lat/long of center of displayed map

That one's quite easy, we should put that back in (the debugging
version had it).  For the time being, you can get it out of the
permalink URL in the view tab, but I assume you knew that.

> Show scale (Show how big a Km, mile or whatever is)

Needs a scale gif/png generating for each zoom level, and a bit of
work in tiles.js.

> Allow map selection by lat/long

Good plan.  For now, you can type the URL in yourself, but you
probably knew that...

e.g. http://www.openstreetmap.org/index.html?lat=55.2791152920156&lon=0.3515625&zoom=2

> Allow setting zoom not just +/- (which you need to wait for the
> refresh and click over again)

Good plan again.  Just needs more buttons in the UI :)

> Better city selection process for united states.  (it wants "city,
> state" in city field, but that isn't documented)

Probably better just to document it.  More search fields would be
equally confusing.

> I've got a bunch of tracks mostly in the Los Angeles area.  Should I
> bother trying to get the editor working (java thingy didn't) and
> upload?

When you say "java thingy didn't work" what do you mean.  What OS,
Java version, browser etc are you running, and how did it not work? 
Did anything load, did you see any errors?  Sounds like a bug to me!

Should you upload the tracks?  Sure!  Although the OSM effort for the
US in kind of rendered moot by TIGER data etc, there are still
interesting things you can do with GPS data so the more the merrier!


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