[OSM-talk] web site map enhancement, los angeles

David Groom reviews at pacific-rim.net
Wed Apr 5 16:31:03 BST 2006

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Subject: [OSM-talk] web site map enhancement, los angeles

> Things I'd like to see on the map on the web front page:
> (in decreasing importance)
> Show lat/long of center of displayed map
> Show scale (Show how big a Km, mile or whatever is)
> Allow map selection by lat/long
> Allow setting zoom not just +/- (which you need to wait for the
> refresh and click over again)
> Better city selection process for united states.  (it wants "city,
> state" in city field, but that isn't documented)
> I've got a bunch of tracks mostly in the Los Angeles area.  Should I
> bother trying to get the editor working (java thingy didn't) and
> upload?

Its not just for the US that better city selection is needed.

I'm going to Buxton, the largish town in Derbyshire (UK) this weekend, so 
put that in to see if anyone was working on OSM in the area.

I noted a few tracks, but on closer inspection found I was looking at 
Buxton, a tiny little village in Norfolk (UK).


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