[OSM-talk] Merging data sets (was: web site map enhancement, los angeles)

Dan Karran dan at karran.net
Fri Apr 7 10:25:18 BST 2006

On 4/7/06, Andy Robinson <Andy_J_Robinson at blueyonder.co.uk> wrote:
> I concur with Imi's thoughts on this. We have no way of determining if
> either set of data (User or TIGER) is the best, so it should be up to
> editors to work at merging to find out.

I also believe it should be a manual process, but with the amount of
data in question, that process is going to have to be simplified to
avoid overwhelming users with masses of data. As Imi says, we need
coders. If only I knew Java... (I sense the onset of a sharp learning

> So, why don't we do an import now for those few places in the US that have
> active users? Then they can feel reassured and get on with good work? Is
> this achievable, I joined OSM just after Ben had imported the Manhattan data
> so I don't know how easy it was.

It may make more sense to import the TIGER data into areas of the US
that haven't yet been worked upon, so there's a starting point for
users. Then let users in active areas choose when they want to import
the data into their own areas so they can start tidying up the data.

How much of the US has data been uploaded for so far?


Dan Karran
dan at karran.net

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