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Andy Robinson Andy_J_Robinson at blueyonder.co.uk
Fri Apr 7 22:14:57 BST 2006

Robert Scott wrote:
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>On Friday 07 Apr 2006 14:59, Etienne Cherdlu wrote:
>> Robert
>> The Map Features scheme at
>> http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/index.php/Map_Features accommodates this
>> with:
>> hgv=no
>> motorcar=no
>> etc.
>> Possible values for Transport Mode keys:
>>    1. public (The public have right of access)
>>    2. private (The public do not have right of access)
>>    3. permissive (The owner gives permission for access)
>>    4. unknown (The access conditions are unknown or unclear)
>>    5. no (Access by this transport mode not permitted or unsuitable)
>This is fine for hard limits on what can and can't go on a road, but I was
>wondering whether some kind of metric could be applied so that a
>algorithm could do some magical weighting to choose to use the road only if
>it is the most sane choice. I.E. If you're doing a trip from effectively
>end of the road to another it won't route you 30 miles around it just
>the road has been marked inappropriate.

Anything goes for keys and values so those with a navigational interest are
welcome and encouraged to invent new keys and values that do the job
specifically for that usage. Just as piste maps for skiing will require
special tagging for appropriate rendering and use.

The Map Features page on the wiki was an attempt to set some base ideas for
a set of controls related to streets, but they are only a suggestion and as
far as I am aware currently only being used to benefit a few of us who are
playing with rendering using SVG.

If mathematical navigation is your buzz, then why not have a crack at
starting a wiki page specifically covering that aspect.

>ps- I should indeed read the wiki more.
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