[OSM-talk] Confirming ways

Immanuel Scholz immanuel.scholz at gmx.de
Mon Apr 10 09:08:47 BST 2006


>>>confirmed=jim at jibbering.com
> i think that works only if its automated
> (sending a confirmed=user to the server,
> the server counts the confirmations,
> and returns only "confirmed=number")
> 2 reasons:
> - a list of mailing addr. is easy to fake
>   (just upload a dataset with some addresses from the ML,
>    i think it would take some time until someone notices that)

I agree, but the trusted server does not need to be the main OSM server
(which is already somewhat busy). If someone like, he can setup a
document-signing and CMS server. This server accept and sign documents in
the form id+type_of_object+gpgid_of_signing_key. These documents can be
public accessed.

Then, either the user who send the document signing server his document to
store increase the "confirmed" - counter himself or whe could add some
script that goes through the CMS server at 4:00am and update all confirmed
stuff ;-)

Again, if some system is established, I will add shortcut features to JOSM.

> - privacy of users

If you confirm something and the confirmation to be of any worth, users
must be able to check for this confirmation. This include that they see
who confirmed what. Any else would mean, that the user has to trust every
other user, which greatly decrease the acceptance of any such systems.
(Known as the "I trust you, but I don't automatically trust all that you
trust" - issue).

Ciao, Imi.

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