[OSM-talk] League of capitals

Immanuel Scholz immanuel.scholz at gmx.de
Tue Apr 11 10:09:16 BST 2006

> On 4/11/06, Thomas Walraet <thomas at walraet.com> wrote:
>> And if you seek total fairness... 0.5 is not the same size at differents
>> latitudes, no ?  ;)
> True, but then again it's just a stop-gap situation. Perhaps Paris
> will show up when I calculate the distances properly  :)

A difference of 0.5 latitude is an equal area all over the world.

A difference of 0.5 miles in a picture of the world in mercator projection
is much bigger in africa than it is in norway.

So a bounding box calculated from unprojected WGS84 coordiantes is perfect
fair ;-)

Ciao, Imi.

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