[OSM-talk] League of capitals

Lars Aronsson lars at aronsson.se
Tue Apr 11 12:19:02 BST 2006

Dan Karran wrote:

> (remember points can be shared between places, so most of these London
> boroughs will be sharing a set of points I'd think)
> http://www.dankarran.com/openstreetmap/place_activity.csv

Maybe you could remove duplicate coordinates from your source 
list?  With UK and some very obvious duplicates removed, the list 

Mainz           GM      34667
Wiesbaden       GM      33783
Linköping       SW      16183
München         GM      10380
Düsseldorf      GM      10188
Oslo            NO       9859 (capital!)
Stockholm       SW       8169 (capital!)
Vienna          AU       7527 (capital!)
Stuttgart       GM       7363
Eisenstadt      AU       6318
Moss            NO       6311 (close to Oslo)
Nyköping        SW       6207 (probably includes nearby Oxelösund)
Sankt Petersburg,RS      6025
Sankt Pölton    AU       4807
Örebro          SW       4763
Jönköping       SW       4170

The mapping of Nyköping, Örebro and Jönköping has just begun.  
They are cities of the same size as Linköping (100,000 ppl each) 
and should quickly reach 20,000 nodes if there were any people 
working on it.  But there isn't.  All of these were mapped by me.
Maybe 5 inhabitants per node is a useful measure?

I'm missing Norrköping in this list.

Saint Petersburg (5 million ppl) is a whole different game.

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