[OSM-talk] Statistics on planet.osm.gz

Immanuel Scholz immanuel.scholz at gmx.de
Thu Apr 13 09:06:23 BST 2006


>> Most number of segments joined
> Or something like ;-)
>  264 ways with    1 Segments
>  202 ways with    2 Segments

Two segments can be joined even if there is no way on top of them. As most
nodes have exactly two segments they belong to, I assume that "most" of
the line segments are joined.

Until now, only static analysis has been done on the planet.osm. I'd like
to see some on-demand statistic generation. This would justify the
creation of a monthly snapshot (or delta) much more ;-).

Cgi-bin scripts would be good so they can be integrated in someones
website (or included from the wiki). Can you make scripts out of your (I
assume perl?) stat generator?

I would like a cgi-bin which creates a short web-site showing:
- all nodes that lies *exactly* on top of each other: double inserts
- all line segments that have the very same nodes as start and end: double
inserts again
- line segments with equal from and to node
- All sets of ways that share a common name and which are chained together
(where one way end in the start of the other): misuse of the way feature /
TIGER import ways
- ways without line segments
- anything with id=0

In case of only "warnings" (it could be done by purpose to put two line
segments on top of each other), special key/value pairs could be used to
mark the objects as "confirmed".

Of course, it would be really helpfull to include an <a
href="openstreetmap.org/...">show in map</a> link after each report ;-).

This script (or these scripts) could be included in the server and linked
from some page for those who want to just fix some common problems. I am
sure that Steve would include them, if they are present in the subversion
somewhere ;-)

Ciao, Imi.

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