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There is a "ref" attribute for the route number and a "name" attribute for
the name of the road. For example, in Edinburgh there are ways with a ref of
A90 and a name of "Queensferry Road"

However, I don't know about multiple names - There are streets in Edinburgh
that have two names for some odd reason.

On 13/04/06, Jim Ley <jim at jibbering.com> wrote:
> "Immanuel Scholz" <immanuel.scholz at gmx.de> wrote in message
> news:5126. at www.eigenheimstrasse.de...
> > - All sets of ways that share a common name and which are chained
> together
> > (where one way end in the start of the other): misuse of the way feature
> /
> > TIGER import ways
> > - ways without line segments
> > - anything with id=0
> > ...
> I've not mapped any of these yet, but what do we do with Ways that change
> names, or have multiple names, e.g. the A38 (a road going from the south
> west of England oop north somewhere through the middle of cities) must be
> called  about  300 other names, and the other names are the more important
> ones in the towns and cities, but the fact it's the A38 is also useful?
> Jim.
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