[OSM-talk] Summary of the irc meeting.

Blars Blarson blarson at blars.org
Sat Apr 8 05:19:56 BST 2006

In article <60036. at www.eigenheimstrasse.de> 
immanuel.scholz at gmx.de writes:
>Does anyone has real life experiences with web of trust in
>not-cryptographic related[1] communities?
>Ciao, Imi.

Yes, I do so in Debian as a Debian Developer.  Debian (volenteer linux
distro: see www.debian.org) uses gpg signatures in voting, uploads to
the Debian archive, etc.  There is information in the developers
corner about how key signing works, etc.  (Becoming a DD is much more
involved, few people have problems finding a DD to sign their key.)

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