[OSM-talk] (Easter?) TIGER Import

Ben Gimpert ben at somethingmodern.com
Sun Apr 16 11:57:17 BST 2006

Hi OpenStreetMap,

First a thousands thanks to Christian van den Bosch for volunteering a
24/7 machine with plenty of disk space for my mangling.  I'm sure by
this point he's regretting the 42 crufty vi/Ruby/pigeon Debian packages
I asked him to install.

But in other news:

As of ten minutes ago, the TIGER -> OSM import is kicked off and
running.  I realize there was some debate on the list and wiki about
distributing the import effort, etc. but given Christian's generosity
and my pig-headed "get something done"-ness, I've gone ahead and started
the demon.  Consider it a strength of OSM's wiki nature that, in the
future, anyone (Steve) is free to delete all the nodes and segments and
ways contributed by the "ben_tiger at somethingmodern.com" user.  I was
just afraid this process would become "trapped in committee."

I sincerely intend the server to cope well with this import.  In
addition to a gentle exponential backoff delay between failed PUT-s,
I've included a lazy three second sleep between each street.  Someone
better at this sort of thing might calculate that the TIGER import will
thus be finished with Alaska by 2017.  If so, than I'll restart the
demon without the sleep.  (Note the sleep is between *streets* not
between individual node and segment PUT-s.)

If you are source code inclined, the main demon is here:


And more interestingly, the demon's log is updated twice-an-hour at:


Happy Oeastre everyone.


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