[OSM-talk] OSM map renderer - update

Raphaël Jacquot sxpert at esitcom.org
Thu Apr 20 15:38:19 BST 2006

nick at hogweed.org wrote:

> -As I indicated yesterday ImageMagick seems to be the way to go for 
> antialiasing etc. The most regularly maintained ImageMagick API appears to be 
> the newer "MagickWand" API, however the installation instructions imply 
> recompiling the whole of PHP. I've emailed the author of the "MagickWand" PHP 
> bindings to see if this is strictly necessary.

I keep reading about imagemagick this, imagemagick that...
personally, I'm using Cairo, and find it much easier to use (ymmv)

if you have any remarks about it, please do, I'll forward them to carl 
worth ;D

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