[OSM-talk] OSM map renderer - update

SteveC steve at asklater.com
Thu Apr 20 15:57:43 BST 2006

* @ 20/04/06 02:38:19 PM sxpert at esitcom.org wrote:
> nick at hogweed.org wrote:
> >-As I indicated yesterday ImageMagick seems to be the way to go for 
> >antialiasing etc. The most regularly maintained ImageMagick API appears to 
> >be the newer "MagickWand" API, however the installation instructions imply 
> >recompiling the whole of PHP. I've emailed the author of the "MagickWand" 
> >PHP bindings to see if this is strictly necessary.
> I keep reading about imagemagick this, imagemagick that...
> personally, I'm using Cairo, and find it much easier to use (ymmv)
> if you have any remarks about it, please do, I'll forward them to carl 
> worth ;D

cairos ruby bindings are terrible and old. You can't blit a file from
memory to stdout you have to save it to disk and open it.

have fun,

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