[OSM-talk] Segments with 0m Distance

Jim Ley jim at jibbering.com
Sun Apr 16 23:13:29 BST 2006

"Tom Carden" <tom at tom-carden.co.uk>
On 4/16/06, Jim Ley <jim at jibbering.com> wrote:
>> There's one place near me which is a one way street for 0 distance - well
>> it's not a one way street, there's just a no entry sign preventing access
>> when travelling in one direction, it's 2 way traffic everywhere.  I've 
>> not
>> got it in OSM yet (I don't go there often enough 'cos it's no entry, and 
>> at
>> the top of a very steep and inconvenient hill)  I think that would be 
>> best
>> modelled as a no distance segment in a way, but I could be wrong.
>Interesting - that's why initially I said yes but only if it has no tags.
>Still - I'm not convinced as to why this shouldn't just be a tag on
>the node at the no entry end... perhaps a noentry key with a segment

I think the routing people need to decide on that one - I'd just been 
imagining them preferring not to have to spend too much time checking the 
tags on every single node?

No-Entry is also problematical in that it's often typed - there are lots of 
roads which are 2 way on bikes but 1 way by car - and cycle routing is 
something I'd love to see - it's not met anywhere currently.

Anyway I certainly don't know what's best!



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