[OSM-talk] planet.osm Database import

Raphaël Jacquot sxpert at esitcom.org
Tue Apr 25 09:37:26 BST 2006

Joerg Ostertag wrote:
> ...
>>mapservers. I understand performance limitations, but the fact that I
>>was more easily able to take an XML dump, load it into a PostGIS
>>database, and display segments that way myself, than I was to use
> If there is a real need for a standard importer to import the planet.osm Data 
> into a database I can try to write it.
> I already have some stuff to import the planet.osm Data into the gpsdrive 
> geoinfo database. 

I already have done it. see here :

here for classes that parse the osm xml document (not yet finished, need
to add ways and areas), plus another class to download from the server API


here for classes that handle storing the data into and retrieving it
from a postgresql 8.1.x database


and here's the sql script to create said database :


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