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That's a neat lay-up :-) glad you persevered with it, despite the
difficulties. It takes your kind of approach to see what cool stuff
might be possible with the data. Lets hope OSM can bring in more coders
to work on interfacing so that we can see more of this. By doing it you
have made another plug for what OSM needs.

Andy Robinson 

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Open Guide to London [1] data and planet.osm dump loaded into postgis,
set up alongside Google Maps (for a slippy interface) and served using


There's some weird projection issues, but I think those are Google Maps
related more than anything else.

OSM's api and WMS proved completely useless, and caused endless amounts
of frustration due to slowness and lack of documentation. I feel like it
must be possible to improve things beyond their current state so more
people can do neat stuff like this. Even just providing a mysql database
dump would have saved me valuable time, and allowed me to build on
existing work in the OSM project.

After this work, I'm really frustrated with the external facing OSM
support, and I probably won't be doing any more work with it.

[1] http://london.openguides.org/

Christopher Schmidt
Web Developer

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