[OSM-talk] New contributor query

Steve Chilton S.L.Chilton at mdx.ac.uk
Tue Apr 25 10:21:47 BST 2006

I am a new contributor of data to OSM, having found a redundant Garmin
eTrex Venture GPS unit in our department, and having massive interest in
mapping, and community mapping in particular. After considerable
experimentation I have uploaded a couple of GPX tracks to test system
and done simple editing to learn the online editing tool. Question I
have is what to concentrate on. I live/work in N London (Enfield) and
there is masses of the area to survey, which am happy to do by bike.
However, should I bang out as much GPS data as possible and upload and
convert to segments to get raw data complete as soon as possible, or
should I systematically make ways as I go, code with appropriate tags,
etc (and edit the existing local data where necessary) to produce
totally logical data from start? My natural instinct for order is the
latter. It is also evident from the SVG output that I have seen and from
Nick's dev website output
67) that logical coding is vital to produce meaningful output, which I
think is really getting close now. Second question is that I have
scanned the help pages and can't find a guide to codeifying the data for
optimum usefulness - is there one?. I would like a definition of what
should constitute a "way". Is the mimimum classication of ways that you
create to use the "default" dropdown menu's worth of 4 road types
(motorway to minor road) and 4 non-road types? Perhaps one outcome of
IoW and Manchester efforts could be further documentation? Third less
important question. Can you find out and contact people that are mapping
near you to share experiences, ensure dovetailing, etc? I notice that
Barnet area is deeply detailed. Can I contact the mapper(s) to
collaborate on joining Barnet to Enfield as we progress?


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