[OSM-talk] What to do (was: OGL, OSM, NASA)

Immanuel Scholz immanuel.scholz at gmx.de
Tue Apr 25 13:40:02 BST 2006


> Note that OSM is not being projected in Mercator here

The data is projected. The images are tiled and linear streched 4326.

> "Can I donate money/hardware?" has always been a "Not yet, we're working
> on it." I got tired of waiting, which is why I have no interest in doing
> anymore here. I've asked 'can I host a part of the application?' and
> been told no. I've asked "Can I donate hardware/bandwidth" and been told
> no. What more am I supposed to do?

Hm, let me think...

Can you code? We need coders to support distributed systems. You cannot
have "a part of the application" yet, because it is not coded for
multi-server environments.

If you don't want to do a complex coding work, you can pick some smaller
bugs from trac and start getting involved in the server coding.

Can you setup envíronments? Or can you package for distros? Try setup a
test-server at home and improve the setup scripts. Currently it is almost
unhandable to setup his own server with all the apache config, bash and
mysql scripts.

Performance measurements should be done. For this, a home setup server
would be necessary too (but you don't need to write config scripts).

You could start bugging the creative common guys so they think about a
license for geodata, maybe helping them along.

Currently what we need most is coders and organizers. Steve is going crazy
doing both (especally before IoW), he could have helping hand for sure ;)

> I keep hearing 'wait', but what am I waiting for? Does this waiting have
> an end somewhere?

"Please wait" means, that what you offer is currently not what the project
needs most.

Money, hardware and bandwidth will surely be needed (at some time). But
for this to happen, we need to code the server properly and organize the
commercial stuff.

> Is the database really so significantly overloaded that 'mysqldump
> openstreetmap > file' is not possible at any time of the day?

There are also privacy issues (that concerning mostly Steve, since he
think he can be made responsible of abuses ;). If you can, write a script
that remove all references to email-addresses from the mysql dump and
replace them with, say, "anonymous at openstreetmap.org".

This would be really helpful. If you then write a command line that don't
include some big an usual unneeded tables (gpx traces is HUUUUGE!) in the
dump, then I think Steve will have very few problems providing a more
frequent dump.

> There is, actually: The tile server has increased greatly in speed
> recently, and it makes the site usable again -- for OSM's purposes. Yet
> no effort has been put into making the site usable for any other
> purpose, other than planet.osm (which is at least usable, unlike
> everything else).

Did I say that we need coders? ;-)

> and there's no OSM interest in utilities for persons not using the OSM
> server to increase the content in OSM.

As I said, currently you can't increase the osm content by anything other
than the server. There is only one database (yet).

> I wanted to be convinced I was wrong, and that there was avid interest
> in developing utilities for non-OSM.org users.

Well, I think the speed in which applications that uses planet.osm popped
out of nirvana only a few days after planet.osm was released is indicate
enough that there is indeed a need for non-OSM applications.

Look at www.ostertag.name for one (gpsdrive).

Ciao, Imi.

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