[OSM-talk] Google Maps maps most of Europe

Christian van den Bosch cjb at cjb.ie
Wed Apr 26 10:45:37 BST 2006

Simon Hewison wrote:

> If anyone has looked at the data for Ireland, it looks clear to me that 
> the Tele Atlas didn't buy the data from Ordnance Survey Ireland, and the 
> data looks about as complete as OSM has for the UK.
> Follow the M50 around Dublin and find that they've labelled it as 
> "Around the Wicklow mountains".. which if you follow the roads down 
> towards a really incomplete Wiklow, you'll find a main road with a name 
> of "Around the Wicklow mountains".

I can concur strongly with this. The OSI (Ordnance Survey of Ireland) 
have really excellent (but like OSGB, really expensive) maps; they're 
streets ahead of TeleAtlas, which suffers from, at the very least:

- much missing information outside rural areas;
- out of date information (e.g. missing bypasses that are two years old)
- streets in the wrong place by hundreds of metres, or with the wrong 
name (errors probably too major to consider to be Easter eggs);
- continuous streets shown as pairs of cul de sacs with a gap between;
- lack of indexing (you can't search for a street, or even most towns, 
by name), which is further hampered by:
- serious spelling mistakes (some of which look like they're due to bad 
OCR, some to character set translation issues, and some just typos).

Sadly, most of what I've mapped of Cork city so far on OSM is already 
well covered by TeleAtlas, modulo a few errors; it would be nice to feel 
I was breaking ground, but I guess it all needs to be done anyway.

Christian / cjb


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