[OSM-talk] Google Maps maps most of Europe

Lars Aronsson lars at aronsson.se
Wed Apr 26 10:09:27 BST 2006

Simon Hewison wrote:

> If anyone has looked at the data for Ireland, it looks clear to me that the
> Tele Atlas didn't buy the data from Ordnance Survey Ireland, and the data
> looks about as complete as OSM has for the UK.

Help!  The street (Malmslättsvägen) runs across my house and 
continues out in the middle of the cemetary!  Where is the "edit" 


Part of the error can be explained by the fact that the satellite 
images are taken from the south-east.  You see the south and east 
walls of towers and tall buildings.  If you continue these walls 
down to the sea level (40 metres into the basement), that might be 
where the street is drawn.  The errors that I see are streets 
drawn too far south-east.  I don't know if the streets are wrong 
or if the images are.

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