[OSM-talk] Newcomer's query

Simon Hewison simon at zymurgy.org
Fri Apr 28 16:45:05 BST 2006

Steve Chilton wrote:
> Third less important question. Can you find out and contact people that
> are mapping near you to share experiences, ensure dovetailing, etc? I
> notice that Barnet area is deeply detailed. Can I contact the mapper(s)
> to collaborate on joining Barnet to Enfield as we progress?

You certainly can, for I am he. I live in Barnet (EN5 2), work in 
Finchley (N3 2), so much of what I've done so far for detailed surveying 
is in those areas.

Enfield has been quite interesting recently since they've been 
remodelling the town centre.

Anyway, there are ways of finding out who is *CURRENTLY* mapping a 
particular area, with the http://brainoff.com/osm/change/ visualisation 
of the RSS feed.

Another way of doing it is put up entries on the wiki for a particular 
area, for instance:


(which can be found under "Community portal" on the wiki)

Simon Hewison

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