[OSM-talk] osmeditor.... most desired features?

Jon Stockill lists at stockill.net
Fri Apr 28 16:58:50 BST 2006

Etienne Cherdlu wrote:
> I'd argue that there shouldn't be *any* tags on segments any more.
> A segment can belong to several ways (a bus route, a cycle route, a
> highway, etc) and each has it's own characteristic.
> I read somewhere that there was a recommendation to always create a
> way even if it is only one segment long.  It is consistent with this
> that any tags should then be put on the way and no tags on the
> segment.
> Whenever I convert my segments to ways I delete any old tags on the
> segments to (a) avoid the possibility of inconsistency and (b) to
> reduce the amount of data going back and forth.

There are plenty of times when a tag is more appropriate on a segment. 
Elevated sections of roads are one example - the data simply doesn't 
apply to the entire way. Nodes could also have tags for things like 
width restrictions - it does pose one question though - if you wanted to 
  represent a tunnel with a width restriction would you apply the width 
to the nodes on each end, or the segments in between (which presumably 
would also be tagged as a tunnel).

Jon Stockill
lists at stockill.net

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