[OSM-talk] osmeditor.... most desired features?

Joerg Ostertag openstreetmap at ostertag.name
Fri Apr 28 18:27:35 BST 2006

> There are plenty of times when a tag is more appropriate on a segment.
> Elevated sections of roads are one example - the data simply doesn't
> apply to the entire way. Nodes could also have tags for things like
> width restrictions - it does pose one question though - if you wanted to
>   represent a tunnel with a width restriction would you apply the width
> to the nodes on each end, or the segments in between (which presumably
> would also be tagged as a tunnel).

I wouldn't put the width restriction to a node. Since you can't tell if this 
is a start or ending of this restriction. I would at least choose the segment 
for this. restriction. But I think it would be even better to make a short 
way which has this restriction as tags. This way you can assign two different 
restrictions on two ways containing the same segments. This would be for 
example needed if you have a tunnel with a car lane which has a height 
restriction of 3meters and in the pavement there are Tram Tracks which have a 
height restriction of 2 meters and a speed limit of xxKm/h.



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