[OSM-talk] osmeditor.... most desired features?

nick at hogweed.org nick at hogweed.org
Fri Apr 28 20:54:02 BST 2006

> Being able to retrieve trackpoints from OSM (in the same way as you can
> retrieve nodes and segments) would be veru useful - it's mean I could 
> use osmeditor for the initial creation of segments, rather than the applet.

OK will try and get that done - though you can do initial segment creation by 
grabbing the data from the GPS.  Will also try and get the other suggestions 
done, e.g. being able to split a way... thanks for the feedback.

> I've found that at some times of day the live editing mode can return a
> lot of "Already making a request" errors (presumably because API
> responses are slow due to server load). Would it be possible to have
> these updates queued within the client, and processed sequentially -
> maybe even add a little bargraph to the status bar so it's possible to
> tell how far behind the updates are.

The code is there to do that and used for certain other features. The 
asynchronous nature of the Qt HTTP API is nice in that it doesn't freeze the 
app while waiting for a response, but it does make for some rather hairy 
code! :-)

> I've been pretty unsuccessful creating ways so far - can you give a
> quick rundown on how it's supposed to work?

Select the "ways on/off" tool button.
Select each segment in the way, by choosing "select segment" then clicking on 
the two nodes of the segment.
Do that for each segment in the way, then select "upload way".
There is an obscure bug which means that segment selection mysteriously stops 
in a random, unpredictable fashion typically after 20-30 segment selections. 
I do aim to clean up the HTTP code somewhat so hopefully that will bring the 
bug to light.

> Other than that, I'm progressing quite well in mapping the area in which
> I live - without OSM-Editor I'm sure progress would be much slower.
> Thanks for a great app!

Thanks :-)


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