[OSM-talk] Walking-orientated OSM mapping event?

nick at hogweed.org nick at hogweed.org
Fri Apr 28 20:57:52 BST 2006

With the IoW and Mapchester coming up, I was wondering whether interest could 
be generated for an OSM-like event aimed towards walkers, in which the aim 
was to try and map a popular area in a long weekend?

Maybe the Lake District would be a good area - it's a national park, it's 
relatively compact and popular, and attracts a lot of walkers. I note someone 
has already mapped (or at least uploaded a GPX of) Coniston Old Man. The only 
potential problem is that the high peaks might be out of reach if the weather 
is really bad.

Interest could probably be generated from the uk.rec.walking newsgroup. It 
could take place sometime in the summer e.g. July or August. Any comments?


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