[OSM-talk] Problem when uploading GPX tracks without time data

Dan Karran dan at karran.net
Sat Apr 29 19:55:18 BST 2006

I'm trying to upload a GPX from a track that I'd saved on my eTrex. It
seems that when you save them, it saves the points without time
information, presumably to save space.

I wouldn't have thought this would be a necessity for OSM uploads, but
the GPX has been rejected as having only one point in it. Is there a
legitimate reason for that, or has something gone wrong? It could
equally be something else at this end, as I tried cutting the active
log and the saved log out of the GPX to create two files. The bit I
chopped out of the active log section worked fine though, and that had
time data in still.

Any help appreciated.


Dan Karran
dan at karran.net

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