[OSM-talk] Defunct Way id="200391" in osm - please delete

Raphael Jacquot sxpert at esitcom.org
Sun Apr 30 10:03:10 BST 2006

Nick Whitelegg wrote:
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> Subject:        [OSM-talk] Defunct Way id="200391" in osm - please delete
>>Can someone help me to delete this way:
> The version of osmeditor2 I am using at home is slightly tweaked. It has a 
> dialog box where the user can enter the ID of a way they wish to delete, 
> precisely for this reason... so that I can erase any corrupt ways I create 
> by accident.
> However I am concerned about making this public in case it encourages 
> vandalism.... any thoughts?
> Nick

I'd vote on a cleaner process in the server that removes broken objects

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