[OSM-talk] Defunct Way id="200391" in osm - please delete

Simon Hewison simon at zymurgy.org
Sun Apr 30 20:50:33 BST 2006

Nick Whitelegg wrote:
> The version of osmeditor2 I am using at home is slightly tweaked. It has a 
> dialog box where the user can enter the ID of a way they wish to delete, 
> precisely for this reason... so that I can erase any corrupt ways I create 
> by accident.
> However I am concerned about making this public in case it encourages 
> vandalism.... any thoughts?

Strange you should come up with the same sort of thing that I did to
delete some bogus ways. Again, I wasn't sure about making such a tool
public because

a) it was my first attempt at using a RESTful interface to delete stuff,
and my code wasn't at all pretty.
b) In the wrong hands, it can cause more damage than it's trying to cure.

Anyway, should anyone be interested, I based mine on the osmpedit code,
and tweaked the perl modules to talk API version 0.3 so it could delete
ways, and I was manually parsing the XML to identify all the segments
(okay, so I admit I've never used any XML perl modules) and nodes that
made up a way, and deleted segments and nodes in a given range of IDs
that didn't have manually entered tags.

I used it to delete some automatically converted tracklogs that someone
had laid down, which duplicated existing ways.

What we probably need before such tools get released into the wild is
some utility to be able to revert changes (based on a time frame and
user login, or some other session identifier), in a wiki-fashion to
handle accidental use of such a tool or vandalism patrol. Such a tool
could also, coincidentally, deal with removal of spurious ways.
Simon Hewison

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