[OSM-talk] Editor applet - name/attributes dialog - two names? one would be a start...

Christian van den Bosch cjb at cjb.ie
Sun Apr 30 23:30:34 BST 2006

Etienne Cherdlu wrote:

> I suppose you could create two separate ways, each with a different
> name (segments can belong to more than one way).

Good idea. I guess I'll have to look into using something other than the 
applet to do that.

> BTW Are you recording the English or the Gaelic name for streets (eg
> Upper Baggot Street vs. Sráid an Rátha Uachtarach) or both?

Almost entirely English only, like the street signs. I _could_ translate 
these into Irish, but the names aren't necessarily direct translations - 
Grand Parade in Cork for example, becomes Sráid Capall Buí, which means 
Yellow Horse Street (I put that one into OSM; it doesn't appear on any 
other map of Cork that I've ever seen, but it's on ).

If I were doing bilingual naming properly I'd like to record some 
appropriate meta-information; I haven't yet had a good hard think about 
what form that might take, though.

There's also very few Irish street names indexed by the Ordnance Survey 
of Ireland - perhaps none - though I would imagine that given the 
legislative changes of a year or two ago decreeing that Gaeltacht areas 
shall use Irish-language placenames exclusively, this will change, for 
those areas only.

Christian / cjb


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