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Timothy Fintan Langner timflang at btinternet.com
Sun Apr 30 22:27:01 BST 2006

Thank you for your reply

That makes it all much clearer now. I actually have a fair number of tracks 
(since Christmas) that I could upload which have no information associated 
with them other than their time. So I could upload those but I wasn't sure 
if they were any use as I had no names for them such as road names.

Kind regards

Timothy Langner
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> Hi,
>> When I capture GPS, I tend to put on numbered POIs (waypoints) and type 
>> into
>> comment section of POI, it's name.
>> If I do that, is it possible to link that to the track points I've 
>> captured,
>> before I upload, or do I manually need to add in the names to the track
>> lines?
>> For buildings do I just including them with the GPX file or do I need to
>> create a separate file?
> I fear you have a misunderstanding here..
> The GPX files you upload to the web page are not the data that are shown
> on the maps. This is the base data for other people (as well as
> yourself) to create the real data from.
> So although you can include any stuff into your GPX files, only the
> point coordinates get imported. If you get the additional information
> for free, don't remove it before upload as it could be a help to editor
> programs (and real editors) later creating the real OSM data.
> (As example, JOSM can draw lines between the GPX points to help you
> recognize them on screen, which require, that the points are correctly
> stored in <trk>'s and <trkseg>'s ;-)
>> Do you want people to submit evidence of their trip or do we keep that?
> We require you only to have recorded the track by yourself and to
> release it under a license compatible with OSM. If you include evidence
> in your GPX file, then this would help if sometime the question could
> came up on either remove your data again from the dataset or to risking
> some legal consequences if become clear, that you might not have
> recorded the track by yourself or might not be allowed to give it out to
> OSM...
> I'd say, if you do it only for evidence and it annoys you, skip that
> ;-). If you copy the tracklog from some other source then make an remark
> in the GPX (or the GPX's comment section) so it can be verified later.
> The technical requirements for uploading are kept very low: you must
> have points with timestamps in your GPX. All the other stuff is for
> convenient. ;-)
>> To get useful data i.e. data that looks like roads, footpaths etc, do I 
>> need
>> to use osmeditor, or can I use something else?
> There are several editors available. Look at
> http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/index.php/Compare_Editors
> Ciao, Imi.
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