[OSM-talk] Supplying of data

Immanuel Scholz immanuel.scholz at gmx.de
Sat Apr 29 13:18:59 BST 2006


> When I capture GPS, I tend to put on numbered POIs (waypoints) and type into 
> comment section of POI, it's name.
> If I do that, is it possible to link that to the track points I've captured, 
> before I upload, or do I manually need to add in the names to the track 
> lines?
> For buildings do I just including them with the GPX file or do I need to 
> create a separate file?

I fear you have a misunderstanding here..

The GPX files you upload to the web page are not the data that are shown
on the maps. This is the base data for other people (as well as
yourself) to create the real data from.

So although you can include any stuff into your GPX files, only the
point coordinates get imported. If you get the additional information
for free, don't remove it before upload as it could be a help to editor
programs (and real editors) later creating the real OSM data.

(As example, JOSM can draw lines between the GPX points to help you
recognize them on screen, which require, that the points are correctly
stored in <trk>'s and <trkseg>'s ;-)

> Do you want people to submit evidence of their trip or do we keep that?

We require you only to have recorded the track by yourself and to
release it under a license compatible with OSM. If you include evidence
in your GPX file, then this would help if sometime the question could
came up on either remove your data again from the dataset or to risking
some legal consequences if become clear, that you might not have
recorded the track by yourself or might not be allowed to give it out to

I'd say, if you do it only for evidence and it annoys you, skip that
;-). If you copy the tracklog from some other source then make an remark
in the GPX (or the GPX's comment section) so it can be verified later.

The technical requirements for uploading are kept very low: you must
have points with timestamps in your GPX. All the other stuff is for
convenient. ;-)

> To get useful data i.e. data that looks like roads, footpaths etc, do I need 
> to use osmeditor, or can I use something else?

There are several editors available. Look at

Ciao, Imi.

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