[OSM-talk] Please do not tag streets (yet).

Immanuel Scholz immanuel.scholz at gmx.de
Mon Mar 13 08:23:45 GMT 2006

Hi everyone.

I want to ask you whether you could currently wait with tagging massive
line segments with different properties (name, class etc.) which original
should belong to a street ("way") rather than to a line segment.

This is because Steve and I are implementing the way data type for the
server and the applet, which will allow the creation of a "list of
segments". For my part, I hope to have everything ready to the IoW. Soon
you will be able to tag the whole street, which is much preferred to
tagging every one line segment of a line..

So if in doubt whether you should add tags now and delay that "insert of
another zounds of points and lines" you should suspend the tag-stuff and
go for the point&line insertion ;-)

Tagging things that belong to line segments or node in the first place are
ok ;-).

Ciao, Imi.

PS: If using JOSM to multiple select different objects be aware that you
will selecting nodes as well when dragging a rectangular selection box.
This may not what you want ;)

PPS: You can use JOSM to (create and tag) streets now. You cannot upload
them now, but save the file to disk and later upload them, when
way-support is implemented.

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