[OSM-talk] naming of ways, and multiple ways per segment.

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Tue Mar 14 14:53:07 GMT 2006

* @ 14/03/06 02:22:08 PM simon at zymurgy.org wrote:
> In my part of the world, there's a set of roads that comprise the 
> nationally defined route A598.
> This is made up of street names
> Ballards Lane
> Regents Park Road
> Finchley Road

Ha, mine too.

> (which on openstreetmap is made up of multiple segments)
> So, the question is when creating ways from segments, do I create four 
> ways, one with the name "A598", one "Ballards Lane", one "Regents Park 
> Road", and one "Finchley Road" ?
> When a segment is part of multiple ways like this, in what order should 
> the key/values have precedence?

I imageined it thus: You have a way 'name=A598' made up of a lot of
segments, and then those segments have name=finchley road or
name=regents park road.

It doesn't work out so well when you have *lots* of segments, so maybe
having 4 'ways' is better.

> For instance, if I defined the A598 as class=primary, but "Regents Park 
> Road" as class=secondary, and a segment within it as class=minor, how 
> should that conflict be resolved?  I reckon that key/values on the 
> individual segment should always take priority over that on a way laid 
> down over that segment.
> (Not that it's an issue in this case)
> By the way, thanks to Imi for such a speedy RC release of something that 
> makes use of the new API.
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