[OSM-talk] Freemap news... new AJAX-based client with way support

Nick Whitelegg Nick.Whitelegg at solent.ac.uk
Fri Mar 17 18:44:19 GMT 2006

Hello everyone,

Would like to announce a *prototype* version of a new AJAX-based OSM upload
client as part of the Freemap project. (This is by no means a finished
product, more a technology-proving exercise, but I have used it for
real-world node, segment and way creation...)

Designed to be simple, and geared more for uploading new nodes, segments
and ways than more complex editing task, it allows users to construct
segments and ways simply by drawing a set of nodes on the Freemap slippy
map. The nodes will automatically be linked together to create segments,
and then, when the user clicks "Upload way", a way of the
currently-specified type will be created and uploaded. The user may specify
the name of the way via a prompt box.

It uses the new Canvas tag, and is therefore only compatible with Firefox
1.5 at the moment.

A few caveats: principally, it does not *download* any OSM data to the
client at all; my feeling is that tasks such as checking for duplicate
nodes should really be done on the server, for maximum client flexibility
and to minimise repetition of code.   Also you have to refresh the tiles
for changes to show up: really, some code to refresh only *selected*
visible tiles needs to be implemented.

Also, because Freemap is on a different server to OSM, all data drawn
through Freemap will be contributed to OSM in my name. Maybe this is not
totally appropriate... Steve et al, would you be happy with interested OSM
users using their OSM username/password for Freemap, and sending the
password over the net from Freemap to OSM?

The target user is a countryside walker who wants to add the rights of way
making up a walk that they have just surveyed to the OSM database.

Later on this evening I will provide a 'test' login and password. For the
moment, while the application is in this early stage, you will be
restricted to using a 'sandbox' area to the east of Fernhurst, the default
Freemap location (there is no real OSM data in that area yet....)

Any interest/feedback, or any ideas on how to improve/enhance this, please
let me know.


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