[OSM-talk] Building the applet broken?

Petter Reinholdtsen pere at hungry.com
Sat Mar 18 16:56:44 GMT 2006

[Steve Coast]
> that's the right place

Good.  Then I know I am not way off.

>> for ant available on the web?  I didn't find any on my first search.
> if you're not using ant... what are you using?

I am using ant on debian/sid.

> `ant dist` should work. Or would, but imi's broken something so `svn
> -r 896 co`.

I updated to release 896, and tried to build.  This is the first

  % ant dist
  Buildfile: build.xml


      [javac] Compiling 2 source files to /home/pere/src/openstreetmapsvn/openstreet
      [javac] ----------
      [javac] 1. ERROR in /home/pere/src/openstreetmapsvn/openstreetmapsvn/java/src/
      [javac]  (at line 6)
      [javac]     import org.openstreetmap.client.osmServerClient;
      [javac]            ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      [javac] The import org.openstreetmap.client.osmServerClient cannot be resolved
      [javac] ----------

I have no file src/org/openstreetmap/client/osmServerClient.java.  Is
it supposed to exist?

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