[OSM-talk] Building the applet broken?

Immanuel Scholz immanuel.scholz at gmx.de
Sun Mar 19 00:03:14 GMT 2006


> The problem is that IllegalArgumentException(String, Exception) is an
> unknown constructor in the version of Classpath I am using.

Yes, I am sorry. That is an 1.5-only constructor. However, instead of
applying your patch, I changed the Exception to be an RuntimeException,
which has a (String, Throwable) - constructor ;-)  (and it does not really
metter - the error is practically anytime a coding problem, so
RuntimeException is fine).

> Running it with cacao give me a problem with the font loading.  It is
> unable to find/load LucidaSansUnicode-11.vlw.  Not sure how to
> properly work around that one, so I ended up using the well known
> porting technique of commenting out the code using the font.  It did
> not work.  Now the program crashes instead.  I'll poke the classpath
> developers to try to work out this one.

The font is shipped with the code, look at it in lib/data/. I don't know
why it does not load for you.. :-?

> I do not seem to have write access to svn (or at least I do not
> remember the password), so I can't commit this myself.

I applied the patches here and they will go into svn with my next upload
(which will be approximatly sunday evening).

Ciao, Imi.

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