[OSM-talk] Building the applet broken?

Petter Reinholdtsen pere at hungry.com
Sun Mar 19 09:35:29 GMT 2006

[Immanuel Scholz]
> Yes, I am sorry. That is an 1.5-only constructor. However, instead
> of applying your patch, I changed the Exception to be an
> RuntimeException, which has a (String, Throwable) - constructor ;-)
> (and it does not really metter - the error is practically anytime a
> coding problem, so RuntimeException is fine).

Great.  I'll get the constructor included in classpath to make sure
that problem do not occur again. :)

> The font is shipped with the code, look at it in lib/data/. I don't
> know why it does not load for you.. :-?

I'm working with the classpath developers to find a solution to this.
I got the applet running by commenting out all the code drawing text,
so I know that this font issue is the last issue to fix before the
applet will run with free java. :)

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