[OSM-talk] little teeny images

Lars Aronsson lars at aronsson.se
Tue Mar 21 03:19:51 GMT 2006

SteveC wrote:

> You now get little images of your traces

Wonderful!  But the tracks seem to be scaled to fit the width of 
the image's size, so the northern- and southernmost parts are 
sometimes cropped.  Shouldn't the entire track fit in the image?

     fits width
     |       |
     +  \    + bounding box size
     +    \  +

I don't see my own public tracks on the public list.  Whether 
logged in or not, the public list only contains 45 tracks from 
Nick, obergix, 80n, frankh, Graham, mikelmaron, bleachin, and 
blackadder.  I marked 8 of my own as public the other day and two 
more now.

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