bugfixes, features and Re: [OSM-talk] little teeny images

SteveC steve at asklater.com
Tue Mar 21 14:50:55 GMT 2006

see below for updates today

* @ 21/03/06 03:19:51 AM lars at aronsson.se wrote:
> Wonderful!  But the tracks seem to be scaled to fit the width of 
> the image's size, so the northern- and southernmost parts are 
> sometimes cropped.  Shouldn't the entire track fit in the image?

That was actually a projection issue, fixed. Regenerating all the images
will take some time.

> I don't see my own public tracks on the public list.  Whether 
> logged in or not, the public list only contains 45 tracks from 

You havn't set a display name. Login and you'll see a box prompting you
for one as you browse your traces.

things today:

bug #144 (ways showing rm'd segs) fixed

bug #142 (ability to upload no gpx file and have it accepted) fixed

When uploading a GPX you can now specify if it's to be public or not.

Added (subtle?) google ads to the public traces page when you arn't
logged in. The ads arn't going brilliantly but'll pay for expenses(ish)
when speaking, will report more after the first month.

have fun,

SteveC steve at asklater.com http://www.asklater.com/steve/

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