[OSM-talk] Coastlines

Erik Johansson erjohan at gmail.com
Tue Mar 21 14:03:09 GMT 2006

On 3/21/06, Nick Whitelegg <Nick.Whitelegg at solent.ac.uk> wrote:
> I used one of the free US coastline databases for the pre-OSM version of
> Freemap. However its resolution/accuracy wasn't sufficient for
> detailed-scale maps - for instance, occasionally a coastal footpath would
> disappear into the sea.
> Landsat in my area of the coast (Solent) seems to be very good accuracy.
> Coastal footpaths follow the coast pretty much spot on.

I've done quite abit of walking around shorelines in Stockholm and the
all fit perfectly to the landsat,  and the GSHHS[1] is absolutely
pointless to use for maps with greater resolution than intercity. So
we need a better resolution source, and I haven't found any..

But I'm not completly sure shorelines should go into Openstreetmap
since it's a... well street map. And I'm guessing a seperate project
would fit the need of shoreline tracing better, e.g importing GSHSS to
improve upon that.

[1] Global Self-consistent Hierarchical High-resolution Shoreline data.
Information on the datasets is available from


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