[OSM-talk] UK meetup

Lars Aronsson lars at aronsson.se
Wed Mar 22 01:10:03 GMT 2006

Andy Robinson wrote:

> Depends when it is, but Oxford is only an hour away fro me so 
> might be possible for me if the timing fits.

Most Europeans have a very strange concept of distances.  In 
northern Sweden, we are told, people drive four hours on a 
Saturday afternoon to get "into town" just for a cup of coffee at 
a cafe, then they drive back again.

IKEA's founder Ingvar Kamprad is from southern Sweden.  In a 
recent radio interview he said his experience from Russia had 
given him a new perspective on distances and he will open a new 
store in Haparanda at the end of this year, at the northern shore 
of the Baltic Sea, where Sweden meets Finland (65.8° N, 24.1° E). 
For the opening, there are busloads of people from Murmansk 
coming.  People in northern Norway have said they are "finally 
getting an IKEA store in their region".  The Norwegian border is 
350 km away.  Murmansk is 500 km away.  That's like 
London-Glasgow, Paris-Frankfurt, Berlin-Warszaw or Rome-Milan.

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