Donating to OSM (Was: [OSM-talk] Coastlines)

Petter Reinholdtsen pere at
Wed Mar 22 08:00:40 GMT 2006

[Colin Mackay]
> I might have missed this, but is there anywhere I can donate
> directly to the project. I realise I can by mugs and other things
> but while I'm spending £20 on merchandise I know that only a small
> proportion of that actually helps the project. I'd rather donate the
> whole to the project.
> By the way, to who ever sorts out the merchandising I'd really love
> a bright cycling shirt with the OSM Surveyor logo on it. Other
> cycling gear might be good too.

Very good to hear that someone is willing to donate to the project.
Where is not yet an infrastructure in place to accept donations.  I
guess the closest would be to send money to Steve, and I do not
believe he is willing to accept it just yet.

Would you be willing to donate some time to figure out a good way for
us to handle donations?  I suspect we need to find or found a suitable
organization to handle the money, and set up a donation page with
instructions on how to donate.  Are there existing organizations we
can cooperate with?  I suspect that will save us some administrative

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